Juice Head Takes Center Stage at the World Vape Show in Dubai

This week, industry-leading nicotine brand, Juice Head, took center stage and impressed exhibitors and attendees alike with its eye-catching booth and premium vape products at the 2022 World Vape Show in Dubai.

Featuring an open floor plan, a unique build, and a bright, colorful design that showcased the company’s signature eliquids and Juice Head Bars disposables (non-domestic version), the Juice Head Booth attracted a ton of attention and served as a major factor in the success of the show for the company.

Juice Head Takes Center Stage at the World Vape Show in Dubai

“We are so thrilled to have exhibited at the World Vape Show in Dubai! The experience was outstanding and we were able to connect with many potential customers. It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone and representing Juice Head in Dubai. We look forward to future events in the Middle East and other countries as well!” – Phil Bruno, International Sales Manager at Juice Head / Streamline Group Inc.

Based out of Orange County, California, Juice Head has a massive presence in the US and is largely recognized as one of the top brands in the country; however, the company aims to dramatically increase its international presence over the coming years by attending international events like the World Vape Show and implementing various international marketing campaigns.

The World Vape Show was the second international tradeshow Juice Head exhibited this year (Juice Head also attended the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham in May 2022) and the company plans to attend even more throughout the year.

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Owned and operated by alternative products company, Streamline Group, Juice Head is an industry-leading brand known for its best-in-class production standards and customer-favorite fruit-flavored nicotine products including Juice Head E-Liquids, Juice Head Salts, Juice Head Bars, Juice Head 5K, Juice Head Pouches, and more!

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