Juice Head Synthetic Nicotine Product PMTAs Have Been Submitted

To all our valued customers,

We have successfully submitted our PMTA’s for all of our synthetic nicotine Juice Head Eliquid and Disposables as of May 11th, 2022, and Juice Head Pouches as of May 14th, 2022. Accorto Regulatory Services and Thompson Hine have been a tremendous help and exceeded our expectations on quality of work and meeting deadlines.

We appreciate all of your trust and patience with us throughout these regulatory headwinds. Your continued support and business allows us to continue to provide quality products and service here at Streamline Group.

Synthetic Nicotine Juice Head Products Submitted:

  • Juice Head 100mL Eliquids (3mg, 6mg)
  • Juice Head Freeze 100mL Eliquids (3mg, 6mg)
  • Juice Head Salts 30mL Eliquids (20mg, 35mg, 50mg)
  • Juice Head Freeze Salts 30mL Eliquids (20mg, 35mg, 50mg)
  • Juice Head Bars Disposables (2%, 5%)
  • Juice Head Freeze Bars Disposables (2%, 5%)
  • Juice Head 5K Disposables (2%, 5%)
  • Juice Head 5K Freeze Disposables (2%, 5%)
  • Juice Head Pouches (6mg, 12mg)

Warmest regards,
Patrick Mulcahy
CEO of Streamline Group

For more information, please download our PMTA submission letter addressed to the FDA or contact:

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