As a globally-recognized company that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, Streamline Group is excited to announce that we are actively taking action to develop our presence in the metaverse and crypto at large.

From holding cryptocurrency on the company ledge and inesting in NFTs to securing digital land in the metaverse and developing physical products that feature NFTs, we’ve made it our goal to not only get involved in the fast-growing world of crypto, but to go all in and pave the road for other like-minded organizations.

The First NFT-Themed Line of Delta 8 Disposables

Gutter Bars are the world’s first NFT-themed collection of Delta 8 Disposables, featuring characters from the iconic Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) NFT Collection, including Gutter Cats, Dogs, Rats, and Pigeons.

Made using the highest-quality, industrial hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, third-party lab-tested, and made in the US, Gutter Bars will be available in four signature flavors–Gutter Berry, Gutter Grape, Gutter Peach, and Gutter Melon.

During the Initial Launch Sale, there will be 10,000 Collector’s Edition Gutter Bar Box Sets for sale, each featuring one of 16 characters from the GCG collection that have been strategically allocated to make some items rare than others. Depending on the character found on the packaging, you could win exclusive prizes, including Gutter Cat #88 (currently valued at over $20,000).

Our Pre-Sale Starts March 5
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Streamline NFT Mint Pass

We are currently working on the first-ever Streamline NFT project, which will be available on the Ethereum blockchain and will be accessible to holders of the Streamline Mint Pass.

With this project, we are hoping to not only further develop our presence in the Metaverse, but to also create an innovative artistic experience that drives value for our community.

We will be releasing more information about this project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!