NIIN Announces Discontinuation of Its Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches

May 11, 2022, Huntington Beach, CA – This morning, NIIN, a synthetic nicotine brand, which is owned and operated by Streamline Group, announced that it will be discontinuing its line of NIIN Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches.

According to the company, the decision arose due to ongoing issues with a key ingredient supplier and to make way for the company’s flagship nicotine pouch brand, Juice Head Pouches.

“Discontinuing NIIN Pouches was a tough decision to make, but a necessary one to ensure the integrity of our company and to help pave the way for Juice Head Pouches, which we anticipate will be a very popular product in the nicotine pouch category and to our very loyal customer base. Ultimately, these will be a more enjoyable and more affordable option for our loyal consumers, retailers, and distributors. We’re proud of everything we’ve built and accomplished at NIIN and are excited for the future ahead with Juice Head Pouches.” – Patrick Mulcahy, CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Group

Online purchasing of NIIN Pouches from the brand’s online store has been halted as of May 6, 2022, and the product is no longer being offered to the company’s wholesale and distributor partners.

Currently, NIIN Pouches are available for consumers to purchase at a special discounted price as low as $1.79 per can from, a long-standing partner of NIIN and a trusted online retailer in the industry.
For additional information about this announcement or to learn more about Juice Head Pouches and the other products offered by Streamline Group, contact the company via email ([email protected]) or telephone (714-823-3750).

Based out of Huntington Beach, California, Streamline Group is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of popular, customer-favorite alternative products, including Juice Head, Galaxy Treats, Bam’s Cannoli, Khali Vapors, Party Brands, Hello Kanna, and more.

Media Contact
Patrick Mulcahy, CEO/Co-Founder
(714) 823-3750
[email protected]