Official Statement Regarding the Recent Omnibus Bill

To all our loyal customers and vendors,

          As many of you may know, the recent Omnibus Bill, which included legislation that extended the FDA’s regulatory purview to include Synthetic Nicotine, was passed in both the House and Senate and was signed by President Biden. These changes included very short timelines for introducing new synthetic nicotine products into the market by April 10th and submitting a PMTA by May 10th. Synthetic Nicotine PMTA’s are expected to be approved or denied by July 9th, 2022. Rest assured, Streamline Group has been preparing for this very moment and would like to assure each and every one of our customers and vendors that we will continue to manufacture and distribute all of our tobacco-derived nicotine and synthetic nicotine products, while also complying with the new FDA regulatory requirements and deadlines regarding PMTA’s. Streamline will continue to fund our regulated portfolio of products with the goal of PMTA approval.

          All the challenges the industry has collectively faced over these years of battle have really shed a positive light on how our industry has the ability to adapt and change, while in the face of consistent uncertainty. Streamline has taken a similar path of adaptation, with our move toward other alternative active ingredient products to satisfy market demands. Streamline Group and its brands will continue to thrive and be a name customers can trust to deliver on our promises and be synonymous with quality and innovation.

With Gratitude,
Patrick Mulcahy
Streamline Group