PMTA Update for Juice Head and NIIN Synthetic Nicotine Products

To all our loyal customers and vendors,
                   Over the last few weeks, Streamline Group has been working toward a solution to navigate the regulatory landscape for newly-deemed synthetic nicotine products. We have recently contracted with Accorto Regulatory Solutions to manage, submit, and deliver a complete set of premarket tobacco applications (PMTA’s). To date, their track record of applications submitted has received zero MDOs. Their commitment to submitting a complete and robust PMTA is the level of service Streamline aims to provide the market with our current and future line of products.

Commenting on the partnership, Tom Beaudet, Chief Executive Officer of Accorto, stated: “We are thrilled to be able to continue our partnership with Streamline Group as we work together to overcome this additional regulatory hurdle. Working to keep such a high-quality brand on the market and available to the customers they so loyally serve is why we got into this business from the start.”

Streamline’s goal during this process is a commitment to provide full transparency, informational updates, and other news related to these regulatory requirements as we progress through the various phases of the PMTA.

Market confidence is a top priority for everyone here at Streamline Group. Our list of synthetic nicotine products that are currently being submitted through PMTA to satisfy the new regulatory requirements can be found below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Synthetic Nicotine Products being submitted:

  • Juice Head Eliquids, Juice Head Salts, & Juice Head Freeze Salts
  • Juice Head Bars & Juice Head Freeze Bars
  • Juice Head 5K & Juice Head 5K Freeze
  • Juice Head Pouches
  • NIIN PouchesNIIN Air

With Gratitude,
Patrick Mulcahy
Streamline Group