Synthetic Nicotine Pouch Brand NIIN™ Announces Highly Anticipated Partnership with NicoKick

Synthetic nicotine brand, NIIN™, announced that its signature lineup of Zero Tobacco™ Nicotine Pouches will be available to purchase from leading online retailer,, beginning July 1, 2021.

Featuring a wide selection of products, including nicotine pouches, lozenges, gums, tablets, and chews, offers the largest online selection of smokeless nicotine products produced for the U.S. is part of Haypp Group, the largest online retailer of smokeless nicotine products globally. In addition to, Haypp Group operates several other brands, including–another popular online retailer of smokeless nicotine products that NIIN Pouches™ will become available on. With operations based in Stockholm, Sweden, Haypp Group services more than 300,000 customers across 9 countries.

As a highly anticipated development for both NIIN and Haypp Group, this partnership aims to increase the accessibility of NIIN Primed Pouches™ to a wider range of adult users, while also further diversifying Haypp Group’s tobacco-free offering for its customers.

“Our mission at NicoKick is to drive real change in the industry and encourage alternative nicotine enjoyment for adults seeking products other than inhalants. We are very excited to launch NIIN™ on our platform and provide even more choice to adult customers through NIIN Primed Pouches™ differentiated offering and adult fusion flavors,” said Sarah Krysalka, US Category Director of Haypp Group.

Beginning July 1, 2021, NIIN Primed Pouches™ will be available in 5 signature flavors (Citrus Chill, Cool Mint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, and Spearmint) and 2 classic nicotine strengths (3mg and 6mg) on both and

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